karaoke_pageThis is the type of event where stars are born!


We provide all equipment for the show, including a separate monitor for the singer that displays the lyrics to the song that is being sung. We can even provide an RCA output to interface with your video system and display the lyrics on multiple screens so everybody can sing along too! We also provide multiple wireless microphones (up to 3) so large groups of singers aren’t trying to all sing into just one microphone. Most Karaoke participants are followers of shows and their host. Thus, if you are a venue that serves food and adult beverages, you will see an increase in your revenue stream due to those singers’ loyalties!


We can also provide lighting to add to the excitement of your show, and if you have your own professional sound system in your club or restaurant, we can easily interface into that too!


Sound Choice logoPapa-T Entertainment is proud to be a fully licensed user of the GEM Series of karaoke songs produced by Sound Choice, the leader in karaoke songs!



Look below for links to listings of Karaoke songs that we bring to every show. Please note that the lists are never totally complete, as we continuously add new songs to our library as they become available.


Karaoke Photo Gallery

Some of our Karaoke Friends singing their favorite songs:

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Karaoke Song List By Title
Karaoke Song List By Title
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Karaoke Song List By Artist
Karaoke Song List By Artist
Karaoke Song List by Artist 052614.pdf
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